I'm a soil science PhD student at Pennsylvania State University focusing on critical zone research that links soil chemical transformations to spatial and temporal variations in soil moisture and soil morphology. I'm particularly interested in how soil physical structure affects the creation of low-oxygen microsites within the oxygenated soil matrix. These redox-active microsites have the potential to exert strong influences on carbon, nutrient, and contaminant export


My previous work as a Master's student at the University of Georgia centered on the effects of spatial and temporal variation in soil moisture on soil iron redox cycles. My  research focused on expanding our view of iron reduction to sites outside of those we traditionally consider to be "redox active" (e.g. wetlands and soils in warm rainforests of the tropics and subtropics). I use a suite of field techniques, including geophysical methods, and active and passive electrodes, to accomplish my research goals.


Spring 2018 Semester
Jan 2018
SSSA Article on Fe in Hawaii published online
Jan 2018
Fieldwork Season
March 2018

Caitlin Hodges

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