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I'm a soil science PhD candidate at Pennsylvania State University focusing on critical zone research that links soil chemical transformations to landscape processes. I'm particularly interested in the influence of low-oxygen microsites on soil nutrient cycling and the role of soil respiration in controlling soil weathering reactions. My analytical toolbox consists of both laboratory and field techniques, including traditional pedological mineral extractions, field monitoring of elemental and nutrient fluxes, and novel in situ sensor arrays.

My previous work as a Master's student at the University of Georgia centered on the effects of spatial and temporal variation in soil moisture on soil iron redox cycles. My  research focused on expanding our view of iron reduction to sites outside of those we traditionally consider to be "redox active" (e.g. wetlands and soils in warm rainforests of the tropics and subtropics). I use a suite of field techniques, including geophysical methods, and active and passive electrodes, to accomplish my research goals.